Our university doesn’t have its own dormitory. Except for the students who stay at the dormitories at the campus, some students prefer to stay in private places which are within walking distance or which they can reach by a short bus ride. The number of the apartments 1+1, 2+1 are increasing day by day in Edirne and more students prefer to stay there.


Selimiye Student Dormitory and Edirne Sorority – apart from a building for male students – are situated at Balkan Campus and the capacity for female students is 2406, for male students is 1360. Both dormitories have leisure centers and the management belongs to the Credit and Dormitories Institution. The rooms are for 2-3-4-5 people in the male students’ dormitories; the rooms in the female students’ dormitories are for 1-3-4-8 people.


There are also college buildings in the towns of Havsa, Uzunköprü and Keşan which are outside the centre of Edirne. The dormitories with special statues in those towns are governed by Credit and Dormitories Institution. Havsa Sorority has a capacity of 102 people. Uzunköprü Sorority, however, accommodates 512 people. The dormitory in Keşan accepts 170 male and 360 female students.


Trakya University Armağan Dönertaş Hotel for the Disabled and the Balkan Congress Center Guest House serve a total of 87 people.
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