Education Facilities

Trakya University, in a position of a regional university, continued its education activities in units in residential areas such as Edirne, Tekirdağ, Kırklareli and Çanakkale when established. In the years when Trakya University was established, it continued its education activities in Ayşekadın and Balkan Campuses that have 24.650 square meters of indoor area, and due to its growth over the years, it increased the number of Campuses.


Trakya University which has Ayşekadın and Balkan Campuses in Edirne Central district in the first years has grown with the education, culture and social structures that was built on the lands of these campuses.


Trakya University which embodies 20 application and research centers today provides worldwide quality education with its laboratories, lesson classes and lecture theatres equipped with the latest technology and with its teaching staff of1492 people.


The Laboratories such as health sciences, instrumental analysis, fuel analysis, machinery and materials engineering, environmental analysis, genetic and cytotoxicity, food and imaging labs of Technology research, development and application center (TÜTAGEM) which was established on November 25, 2013, are equipped with the most advanced devices and is provided all the necessary tools for the education.


The library which is open 24/7, allows the students of Trakya University to take advantage of the library services in every moment that is appropriate for them to do research.


Today, it continues its education activities in different campuses with its units in Central Edirne and its provinces. These campuses and layout plan is below.


To see the campuses of Trakya University and the units in these campuses, click here.

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