Insurance And Training

One of the Social services of Trakya University is to provide job opportunities to the Turkish students (including students of Master’s Degree Programme with thesis) who need a job in their own field of training and areas of interest. Part time student workers contribute to the production by finding an opportunity to combine their knowledge and skills and at the same time they gain an economic advantage. Each academic year, at various departments of Trakya University, 250-300 "Part-Time Students" are employed; a student is paid out for maximum 60 hours per month. The fee paid per hour is 5 TL.


A certain amount of insurance premiums are paid for part-time students working at Trakya University so our students are provided with health facilities. If the students, who take advantage of the health insurance through their parents, apply to SSI and declare that they work, they continue to benefit from their families health insurance. In this case, workplace accidents and occupational disease insurance premium at the rate of 1% is paid to the students.


For students without any health insurance, 6% GHI (General Health Insurance) is paid. In this case, students work 60 hours per month, corresponding to 7-day GSS (General Health Insurance) premiums are paid.


Applications of the students who want to work at a part-time status can be taken by faculty and college administrations or the student can apply personally to any unit to work. Legal arrangements are in progress for the international students to work as a part-time.


Trakya University is taking care of providing a modern education to its students through the merge of knowledge and skills and it offers students hands-on learning. In this respect, the training process is organized by faculties and schools. Whether the training is compulsory or not varies according to the units.

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