International Programmes

Trakya University has an International Relations Office which gives opportunity to students and academic staff for gaining international experience in education and research, helps to students and scientists who come to Trakya University to socialize by providing information and help about present programs that will contribute to regional development.


Trakya University International Relations Office coordinates cooperation with the universities all around the world and benefits from the Mevlana, Erasmus and Farabi Programmes at the highest level to increase the mobility of students and teaching staff.


*Mevlana Exchange Programme


Mevlana Exchange Programme is a programme that makes it possible to exchange student and academic staff between the higher education institutions abroad and the higher education institutions in our country. With the regulations published in the Official Gazette on August 23, 2011 and numbered 28034, it is now possible to exchange student and academic staff between the higher education institutions in both abroad and in the country.


Unlike other exchange programs, mobility within the exchange program includes all the higher education institutions irrespective of any geographical region.


Students who wish to participate in the exchange programme can benefit at least for a semester or a maximum of two semesters and academic staff can benefit from the programme at least for a week or a maximum of three months to give lectures in the higher education institutions all around the world. Similarly, the students and academic staff from all over the world can come to the higher education institutions in Turkey.


Trakya University has agreements with 20 Universities in 8 different countries within Mevlana Exchange Programme.


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*LLP/Erasmus Exchange Programme


Erasmus Programme is a European Union programme to encourage higher education institutions to cooperate with each other.


It produces and implements joint projects between higher education institutions and provides unrequited financial support for the short-term exchange of students and staff.


The aim of this programme is to improve the quality of education and to strengthen the European part.


Erasmus Programme tries to achieve this goal by encouraging transnational cooperation between two universities; contributing to academic recognition of degrees and works received at the countries participating in the program and to the development of the transparency.

Programme, with the mobility that it offers, serves to break the prejudices of people of Europe in the perception of each other in the higher education environment. With Erasmus Programme, since 1987, nearly 3 million higher education students spent a period of their lives in European countries and had the opportunity to get to know the people and the culture of those countries. 


Our University has agreements with 54 Universities in 17 European Union member countries.

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