Language Courses



At the meeting of the Council of Higher Education Executive Board on 16.06.1995, it was approved appropriate to establish “Language Education, Teaching Research and Application Center” under the presidency of Trakya University Rectorate in accordance with the Law No. 2547 amended by the Law 2880  New Article 7/d-2. Centre Regulation published in Official Journal with the Law No 22254 on 10.04.1995.


The fields of activity of our Center; to make researches and practice in languages such as Turkish, English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Persian; provide education, cooperate with the relevant local and foreign institutions and organizations, organize education programs to make use of the languages mentioned above, organize preparatory courses and educational programs for the post-graduate exams in order to solve the foreign language problems in the fields of sciences, health sciences, social sciences, meet the needs of various units, public institutions and private and legal people in relation to the problems they face about the education of the languages mentioned, give publication, do the Turkish proficiency exams for the students from the Turkish Republics and Turks and Folk Communities in the Balkans who study at Trakya University, open courses to make students feel comfortable with the language they need at their associate degree and undergraduate programs, give certificates to the ones who complete the courses and the seminars successfully,  provide the necessary equipment and publications, the movables and immovable for the required activities.


            Within the framework of these activities, it is studied just Turkish at Trakya University Language Education Research and Application Center. There are 31 students from various countries and at various faculties of the university who will begin their studies after completing a one-year Turkish Language Education program. Turkish Language Education is given in three different classes classified in terms of their Turkish Language level. There are four classrooms that are equipped with visual and audible materials at our center. Moreover, our classrooms, meeting the requirements of the international language education, are designed in the shape of “U” to help students have better communication with each other. The international students are given the required Turkish education to be able to continue their study and as a result they are certified as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 according to their language level. In order to continue higher education it is required to get a certificate at least at level C1 (tEuropean Union Language Proficiency High Level Certificate). Besides, upon request, the international students’ proficiency levels are certified with an exam. 

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