Medical Facilities

Trakya University provides health services with emergency services that the students and staff can meet all kinds of health problems with a fully-equipped 1,000-bed hospital. Health services are provided in the clinics located in the University's research hospital, providing the best health care to the students and the local community, with full-time professional physicians and other medical staff. Research hospital is located in the main Balkan Campus.


Medical Facilities for Turkish Students


Students can benefit from social security institutions through their parents who have social security. Students without social security, however, can benefit from health services by applying to the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation located in cities and towns by requesting a declaration of income.


Medical Facilities for International Students


According to Law No. 2547 dated 11.04.1982, foreign students in universities have general health insurance by paying premiums based on one-third of daily income limit upon the amount of thirty days determined by the social security institutions. Foreign  students who want to take advantage of universal health insurance in 2014 can benefit from health services by depositing 42,82 TL between 01/01/2014  and 30/06/2014 monthly  and  45,36 TL between 01/07/2014 and  31/12/2014 .


Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services


Trakya University is aware of the need of the students to be psychologically comfortable and healthy. Counselling and guidance services are presented to help to the students gaining self-confidence, discovering skills and abilities, recognizing the various aspects of their environment.


Counselling and   guidance service serves by appointment system at the University of Trakya in the main Balkan Campus in the Menza building. 

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