Social Life and Sports

Enez Student Education Recreation Facilities:


Enez Student Education Recreation Facility which provides services within directorate of Health Culture and Sports Office is located on the shores of the Gulf of Saros and provides education, relaxation and vacation facilities for both our students and staff under suitable conditions.


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Recreation Area by Meriç River:


Recreation Area by Meriç River is located with the capacity of 250 people, provides services especially for both the students and the staff of our University with both indoor and outdoor restaurants.


Besides, there are student canteens and photocopy centres which situated at Faculties, Colleges and Vocational Schools and Shopping Centre and also Student Cafeteria and Photocopy Centre located on the ground floor of our University Hospital, which are operated within Social Facilities Management Directorate.


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Sports Facilities:


In our University, Kırkpınar College of Physical Education and Sports, in cooperation with Directorate of Health Culture and Sports Office and assigned Sports Coordinator, provides several sports facilities such as football, volleyball, basketball, handball, judo, karate, taekwondo, swimming, and athletics for our students.


Men’s Basketball, Handball and Volleyball teams of our University became 3rd in Turkey in Universities Displacement Basketball, Handball and Volleyball Leagues. In 2013, Our University hosted Unilig Rugby Competitions.

In 2013-2014 Academic year, 28 teams in 15 branches will participate in competitions which are organized by University Sports Federation. Besides, Our University’s Sports teams will also participate in UNILIG (Displacement League between Universities) competitions.    


Within the Sports festivals which are organized annually by Trakya University, Group Competitions of many branches start in March and finalized in May with final and super cup games during festival week. Besides, there are a lot of sports clubs in different branches among Student Clubs. Again in festival week, a chess tournament is organized by Chess Club, and entertaining competition activities are organized by Outdoor Sports Club.


There are outdoor and indoor sports facilities in many campuses at our University, in these facilities, students and staff are provided with sports activities in their free time. There are 2 gymnasiums, a swimming pool, an outdoor football field, a tartan track, basketball and volleyball fields and tennis courts at our university. Besides, there is a climbing wall on the side wall of Menza building. There are garden chesses in Ayşekadın, Balkan, Ahmet T. Karadeniz Campuses and in Ipsala Vocational School, Keşan Vocational School, Keşan Yusuf Çapraz Applied Sciences College Campuses.




Trakya University State Conservatory Balkan Symphony Orchestra gives important concerts in both domestically and abroad. There are instructors, undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate students among the members of Orchestra. With the establishment of the orchestra it is aimed to:


            -  Present artistic studies in Conservatory,

- Ground the formation of a symphonic orchestra of which the absence is felt in Trakya Region.

- Form a professional orchestra in the future and provide employment to the graduated artists through the concerts,  

- To make Trakya University and Conservatory well known both domestically and abroad.


Orchestra continues its work in the State Conservatory Arts and Education Centre, considering Conservatory’s intensive education programme
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