Students Groups

Student clubs are platforms that develop interpersonal and social dialogue. The effectiveness of many student clubs which are established completely with the participation of students and continues its function in control of the students has added richness to Trakya University. Student clubs at Trakya University are:


Culture and Arts


1-      Stage and Performing Arts Community of Trakya University

Folk Dances

Balkan Gençlik Ateşi

Altın Adımlar


Kuzey Kafkas

Ege –Zeybek





Yaşam Sahnesi Group

Sahne Meydan Group

Tiyatral Tuşe Group




Balkan Polyphonic Choral Group

2-      Fine Art Community

3-      Photography Community

4-      Cinema Community

5-      Community Volunteers

6-      Young Volunteers  Community

7-      Child-friendly Community

8-      Clean Breathe Community

9-      Sustainable Living and Gardening Community in Edirne

10-  All humanity Hand to Hand Community

11-  T.U. Search and Rescue Community

12-  Special Education Community

13-  Balkan Languages Community

14-  T.U. Health and Medical Research Community

Healthy Diet and Living

Turkish Medical Student Association

T.U. Scientific Research


Right to Health Community

15-  Gastronomy Community

16-  Food Community

17-  Mathematical Thinking community

18-  Atatürkist Ideology Community

19-  Career and Management Community

20-  International Relations and Law Community

21-  Logistics and Foreign Trade Community

22-  Young Leaders Community

23-  The Righteous Community

24-   Entrepreneurs Community

25-  Republican Youth Community

26-  Knowledge and Wisdom community

27-  Border Progress Community

28-  Rumelia Youth Community

29-  Culture and Civilization Community

30-  Promotion and Protection of the Cultural Heritage Community

31-  Archaeology Community

32-  Young Historians  Community

33-  Turkish World Research Community

34-  Turkish Traditional Archery Community

35-  Thought,  Literature and Theatre Community

36-  T.U. Literature Community

Poetry and literature

Travel in Literature Climate

37-  Trakya Banking Research Community

38-  Aviation Community

39-  Design and Project Community

40-  T.U. Information Technologies Community

41-  Esn Trakya Community

42-  Trakya University Supporters Community

Fenerbahçe Fans

Beşiktaş Fans

Galatasaray Fans

43-Trakya University Sports community

Extreme sports




Aquatic Sports

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